Dow Construction

The highly reliable quality of binders and products from Dow Construction Chemicals form the heart of many innovative products and systems that have since become industry essentials.

With a portfolio of established brands such as WALOCELTM cellulose ethers, DOWTM Latex Powders, PRIMALTM and UCARTM acrylic emulsion polymers and AQUASETTM acrylic thermosetting resins Dow is a leading supplier to customers manufacturing building and construction products around the world.

Cellulosic technology

Decades of experience enable Dow Construction Chemicals to off er a portfolio of cellulose-based products for construction materials with distinctive benefit it’s across a wide range of applications. The range includes well-known brands such as WALOCELTM and METHOCELTM cellulose ethers which incorporate features such as

  • Rapid development of temperature-stable, high-water retention capabilities
  • Selective consistency adjustment for easy workability
  • Precise control of rheology for good workability and sag resistance
  • Stabilisation of air voids » improved substrate adhesion.

Cellulosic technology

The substrate to be waterproofed must be dry and free from dust, loose particles, oil and grease. Substrates such as bituminous roofing, asphalt, concrete or steel should be pre-treated suitably. Cracks and surface irregularities need to be filled by sealants and do additional waterproofing. For smooth and stable surfaces, this step can be skipped.


Vorastar HB 6704 prepolymer while designed primarily for horizontal applications, with its selfleveling characteristics may be applied to vertical surfaces with a roller, trowel or suitable spray equipment. However, it will be necessary to make several coats to build up the desired thickness. An application of 60 mils thickness is recommended for horizontal surfaces.

The coating is recommended for application for temperatures above 5 deg. C. Once the container is opened it is recommended to be consumed instantly. The product is not recommended for application on dilution with solvent.