Dynasylan Sivo

Dynasylan SIVO CLEAR EC for Glazed Ceramics

Easy-to-Clean treatment for sanitary ceramics (e.g. wall tiles, wash basins) shows the following benefits:

  • Easier removal of lime and soap residues
  • No need for aggressive cleaning agents

Dynasylan SIVO 110

Dynasylan SIVO 110 is suited as binder component in temperature crosslinking sol-gel coatings and sol-gel based hybrid coatings

Dynasylan SIVO 111

Dynasylan SIVO 111 resembles an alkaline neutralization agent which is suitable for adjusting pH of Dynasylan Sivo 110

Dynasylan SIVO 112 and 113

Dynasylan SIVO 112 resembles a hydro and oleophobic additive for Dynasylan SIVO 110, a novel water-borne, sol-gel binder system