Stewart Superabsorbents

Stewart Superabsorbents is the pre-eminent supplier of CABLOC® brand superabsorbent polyacrylates to the wire and cable industry. With services from research and development through to implementation, our customers appreciate our extensive knowledge of the industry.


For the production of water-swellable cable components, CABLOC® offers new, liquid, solvent-free, crosslinkable polyacrylates (SAP) as well as traditional crosslinked superabsorbent powders. CABLOC® polymers cover all technical and economic demands of the rapid and progressive developments in the cable industry:

  • Swellable coating in liquid form onto non-wovens, wovens, foils and yarns
  • Directly in powder form onto shielding / core area or in the conductor area of a cable
  • Incorporated in powder form into non-woven
  • Incorporated in powder form into filling/flooding compounds
  • Incorporated in powder form into hot melt